Blog: Reflections on the new Slovak Republic with Hugo

Last month, in preparation for the A Leap of Faith episode I spoke with Hugo. He comes from England, but he is a very keen observer of Slovak culture. However, once we began speaking about Hugo’s first impressions of Slovakia from 1994 when he first arrived, it felt like he was speaking about a different country. Certainly, most cultural elements have remained mostly unchanged, but his experiences seemed poles apart from those of the foreigners who had arrived in the past decade.

This is why I wanted to share our conversation, in full, so you can experience the brand new Slovakia through the eyes of a brand new resident. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Listen to the full episode here
Spotify Link

As noted in our conversation, Hugo is father to the talented young musician Gigi Ann. Here are some links to her music.

Photo: Hlavná Stanica – Bratislava Railway station with Škoda 14Tr trolleybus,nr 6298,Route 218. March 1993 by Felix O

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