Nerozumiem, can you repeat that?

In this first episode of the Na Slovensku Aj Po Anglicky podcast, host Jeremy Hill explores the experience of learning Slovak with fifteen foreigners that now call Slovakia home.

Listen to the full episode here

From the founding of Slovakia in 1993, Slovak has been the official language of this small, mostly rural country. This plucky little language has survived and evolved throughout many centuries of occupation, invasion, and political unrest. Consequently, the complexity of the grammar sometimes feels like a vestige of all of this upheaval, and it is this grammar that bedevils most of the brave souls who commit to learning the language.

In this episode Franck from Cameroon explains why he thinks learning Slovak is f***ing hard, Alex from Normandy tells us which Slovak expletive is also a kitchen tool in France, and we find out which Slovak words are close to the hearts of our foreigners.

Each of these guests has a unique perspective with varying degrees of need and skill for learning Slovak. However, what they all have in common is a reverence for this challenging and beautiful language.

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